The Real Enjoyment of Casual Sex

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Casual Sex HookupsWhy settle for just one lover when you can have as many as you want? Casual sex is the new black. It’s the fashionable way to enjoy all the benefits of a fun sexual lifestyle without the commitments of a long term relationship. Keep your sex life out of a permanent relationship allows you to enjoy more sex partners. Hook ups, booty calls and friends with benefits are the real winners for a free and liberated sex life.

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Why Have Casual Sex?

Casual sex brings dirty hookupsThere are lots of great reasons for having more casual sex. Aside from the fun factor and the chance to improve sexual technique while fulfilling any sexual fantasies you might have casual sex comes with emotion free sex and has none of the responsibilities that relationships bring. Casual sex is all about dropping the baggage and just enjoying sex.

1. Its fun! Love is great when it truly happens but you know how enjoyable sex really is and if you’re not looking for love then casual sex can bring equal satisfaction.

2. There’s no commitment! None at all. Casual sex is the epitome of “love them and leave them” for one night stands although you might enter into a friends with benefits relationship. Ultimately casual sex with bang buddies is no strings sex at its best.

3. No promises! You don’t have to worry about falling in love or out again. You don’t have to promise to give your time or emotional support.

4. Keep some rules! Just keep it simple. Casual sex is all about the enjoyment and the orgasms but having some basic ground rules about meetings helps. This isn’t a relationship but it’s still important to know where you stand.

5. No Emotional Baggage! None at all. This is sex not love. Leave the personal problems behind, forget the rest of the world and just fuck.

6. Improved sex life! Most people don’t realise just how beneficial casual sex relationships are when it comes to learning more about what you want and being a better lover. You will learn more about what you like doing and what others can do for you. Casual sex really is a win-win situation for everyone.

When Love Ruins Casual Sex

Love kills Casual Sex HookupsIt happens. One partner will enjoy some hot and steamy sex sessions and eventually get hooked in and develop feelings that don’t belong. Getting attached in a causal relationship is a sure fire way to end it. It’s likely the other person will move on to someone else. Sex in itself is a physical act but the mind plays a big part in it and when the emotions get in the way everything is going end. Badly.

Just don’t fall in love

Easy to say but not falling in love during a casual sex affair leaves you free to really yourself. You will be having more sex and it will be better sex with better orgasms as you really learn about yourself even more than ever before.

Casual sex is really like the beast you think you can tame but sometimes can’t. It’s perfect in the mind but ends up a messy affair. If you find you’re falling in love or have already done so then maybe casual sex affairs aren’t right for you.

While friends with benefits or fuck buddies are a great idea they are hard to keep without some form of emotional attachment. That is why most people looking for casual sex only want a small number of meetings for sex, even one night stands at times. This ensures that no emotional feelings can form during the affair.

Just remember to stick to the rules and your sex affairs will remain fun and emotion free! Set some rules for yourself as well. No dates, just booty calls and force yourself to pull away if you think you’re getting attached, see more than one person because even casual sex affairs should never be monogamous.

Just remember to enjoy your sex life. It’s yours, after all. Be selfish if you’re just looking for sex. Make it all about yourself and fuck with complete impunity.