Watersports Dating for Perfect Golden Showers

Indulge in a world of piss dating for watersports and golden showers.

Modern sex dating lets you find fellow watersports lovers and pee games a very common fetish for many men and women. Enjoying golden showers comes in a few different forms. There are those who love to watch someone else pissing or enjoy being watched. For others there is the thrill of having their own genitals pissed on, feeling that hot stream of piss on their own naked flesh. For a select few they enjoy the taste and would love to drink your piss.

Getting kinky with pissing isn’t just about the thrill of the shower. There’s a subtle beauty to seeing a women spread her pussy lips and watching the liquid spill from her pussy. You know she’s turned on with you watching her and she wants to give you a good show. Watersports isn’t all about submission and the humiliation of being pissed on. It becomes more about watching the human sex organs excreting their own goodness.

Naughty girls who pee their pants before engaging in sex tend to enjoy better orgasms than if they hadn’t already pissed. For the more debauched lover there is the fun of feeling a man cum inside them and then hold on before adding the contents of his bladder to the contents of his balls. Whether it’s after anal sex or oral sex, there’s a kinky thrill to feeling that hot stream add to what is already there.

Kinky lovers who enjoy piss dating have marked their preference at Personal Arrangement so you can find new lovers who share your passion. The search facility makes it easy for you to filter out the piss lovers and some have uploaded their own kinky videos for you to check out. If you are looking for golden showers then join us today. We know you’ll find yourself a new lover and get maximum satisfaction.

The thought of that piss is enough to get many men and women horny. They share a love of all things yellow. Piss sex and the act of pissing are a major turn on which is why we included it as a special fetish. Many would be surprised at the number of our members who are into watersports and if you’re one of them then you’re part of a large and growing number.

Get kinky with us today and enjoy meeting fellow watersports lovers who want to meet and share experiences with golden showers. Fill your bladder and prepare to empty on your next lover. Let’s have a piss party! Everyone is invited and you can all pee together. We know you enjoy your sex and we know you need to come and empty your bladder so come and do it with us right now.

Exploring the Fun of Piss Dating

The idea of piss dating had never really occurred to me before. It wasn’t an option on the previous adult dating sites I’d used. It was fun to be able to make that choice with Personal Arrangement and find piss lovers.

It’s not a fetish for everyone but I’d always enjoyed watching girls peeing. Not many would let me even watch them but I got lucky one night while dating someone. We’d had sex and I was watching her in the shower when I said I needed to piss.

“You can piss on me, if you want to,” she said somewhat demurely.

I didn’t need a second invitation. This was piss dating heaven. She pushed the shower head away and knelt down as I opened the shower door. She looked up at me as I begin to flow. The golden showers of piss initially hit her breasts. She cupped herself to let the piss run down between her heavenly globes and I began to move up a little.

I didn’t ask her if I could piss in her mouth but she didn’t say anything, just opened her mouth slightly and waited.

She took pleasure in being a submissive girl and clearly enjoyed the humiliation of being pissed on.

Since that first night she let me do it again and allowed me the pleasure of watching her piss. That culminated one night when, after giving her a good fuck in the ass she waited and let me piss up there as well.

Some girls aren’t into being pissed on but there are a few out there. There is a more common pleasure in watching others piss. Watersports is a varied fetish from the simple watching girls peeing to being pissed on to in the mouth. We’re all different and it’s good fun for those who enjoy it.

If girls peeing is something you love then you’ll find some great piss dating contacts here. The numbers aren’t big but there’s choice and I’ve had some fun with other girls and golden showers.

A Guide to Watersports Dating

Watersports dating is not something for everyone but there are a growing number of girls and guys who love pee games and finding someone who shares the love of golden showers is getting easier thanks to modern sex dating.

Fortunately, Personal Arrangement allows you to specifically search for pee lovers with the profile and search filter options. Along with many other sexy fetishes and places to have sex, watersports dating is an option.

How far you go with golden showers is really up to you and your partner. Just remember to make sure you’re somewhere safe and easy to clean afterwards! Pee love has several different forms so it’s up to you how much you want to share.

Watching guys or girls pee is the simplest. It’s a basic toilet fetish to just watch as your partner lets their bladder empty into the toilet, bath or shower. A clean and fun way to enjoy pee love.

The most common form of watersports lovers is peeing on someone. This usually involves one partner being underneath the other so he or she can pee and let their golden stream rain down on the torso or genitals.

The dirtier watersports sees lovers sharing and pee drinking. From oral sex to pee drinking. It’s a salty taste and not for everyone but if you find a lover to come pee on me then you’re going to be in for a good time.

It’s up to you how far you go with your pee lover. Just make sure you know the boundaries beforehand. A fun night of sex is easily ruined if one of you goes too far with watersports games. It’s much better to know the limits for better pee sex.

However you enjoy watersports dating, there are more fellow pee lovers in Australia than you might think and many of them would love to ask you to come and pee on me.